Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Smile, Please?!

Chase and I both tried our best.  Silly voices, silly faces, exaggerated smiles and still nothing.  At some point yesterday, there were five of us leaning over the poor girl but she refuses to oblige. So, I’m still patiently waiting for a smile.  

More steps toward  home organization are happening.  The recycling finally went out.  Bulk trash collection is scheduled.  Toys haven’t been tackled yet but after much discussion we decided the we need more supplies to get it done properly.  That means another trip to Ikea but I can think of worse things.

Lots of changes.  We’ve been struggling over the last two weeks to get Chase to stay in bed.  We may have had a breakthrough last night getting her tuck herself back in after getting up but I also experimented with no nap today and sure enough, she went straight to sleep at 7:30.  It’s seriously depressing.  I so need that break in the middle of the day.  It does seem on days that she goes to gym that she is much more tired.  Maybe I’ll get her into some kind of sport everyday.  Im feeling just that desperate.

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