Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Rashers for Supper

Obviously the pictures are unrelated.  Credit for tonight’s supper goes to Google.  Sometime around 5 o’clock I typed “bacon pasta mushrooms” and hit search.  What I got back was this little number for a quick tasty dinner.  I didn’t have any fresh basil but I don’t think it suffered without it.  I also subbed in some low fat greek yogurt, sorry, yoghurt for the creme fraiche.  Would you believe that my daughter ate a few bites?  Yep, she did.  I’ll never understand why she eats pesto.  Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, right?

I survived day 2 of no nap.  It was mostly ok.  There was a rough patch right around 2pm but we recovered nicely, made it through dinner easily and to bed on time.  To bed on time is huge.  Huge.  Tomorrow I’m going to re-implement the nap and see how it goes.  She should be tired enough between skipping her nap for two days and going to gym tomorrow to take a little afternoon rest and get to bed at a reasonable hour.  I’m hopeful that a couple of nights of painless bed time will also be enough to keep her in bed tomorrow night until she dozes off.  I’m hopeful.

So, tomorrow gym in the morning, followed by a nap during which I plan to catch up with all kinds of stuff online and finally I want to make some focaccia so that I can try this recipe that I found while googling for dinner.  It’s so crazy that it might just be good.  Hmm, that means I also have to run to the store for tuna.  I’ll work that in somewhere.  I also scored two new cookbooks today.  I’m going to take a look tonight.  I’m even contemplating attempting to menu plan again.  What have you been cooking?  Uh… Yeah, so I do want to make that recipe but that’s not what I need to focaccia for.  The focaccia is for this.  Though I see why I was confused, they both have tuna.

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