Monday, January 11th, 2010

Bigger Bear

So all of a sudden my little one is filling out her 0-3’s nicely and the little lamb heads on the feet of her pyjamas… have feet in them.  Can you believe that it’s been 4 weeks already?  Today was the first day of some big changes around here.  Ben set out early this morning for his first day working outside of his home office in several years.  That left us girls to our own devices.   It was mostly fine though I broke down and put Chase down for a nap this afternoon.  A move for which I am still paying at 9:30.  I swear I’ll stop talking about the napping soon.  Soon!   Anyway, about that new job.  I had half a mind this morning to tell Ben that he should gussy himself up a little more for his first day but I kept my mouth shut and apparently it was for the best.  I thought he’d be the most casual person there for sure but it’s pretty hard to beat the guy who shows up in a tank top.  What kind of place is this anyway?

I took this picture of Chase playing with her new dinosaurs.  I found this kit at toys r us when I was looking for a few dinosaurs for her to play with.  It’s fun.  You put it together and there’s a little cave in the back where the baby dinosaurs get extensive lessons on how to use the potty then wash their tiny dino arms in the river.  The dinosaurs it came with were kind of lame but she got a couple of cool ones in her stocking.  It must have been on sale when I bought it because I don’t remember it being anywhere near this expensive.  It’s a fun toy that encourages her to use her imagination I’m just not sure that I would pay 35 bucks for it but keep your eyes open for a sale!

I think I’m breaking down and going to dive into a new flash.  Maybe some time this week depending on how long it takes me to break down the last thread of resistance.

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