Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

The Preschool Craft Hour

It’s a good way to pass time in the morning.  I usually just like to giver her paper and crayons and let her have at it but I did that first with paint, then with the stamps and I still wasn’t quite prepared to move on to the next activity so I tried this.  I feel like I’m the one that needs to ask for just a few more minutes 20 times each morning.  

Some day earlier this week I was telling Ben about my day and it always starts with me sitting on the couch debating whether to close my eyes for just a second or to just get up and make the coffee so I can start my day.  I’ve been good this week and got up to make the coffee.  Two minutes of stolen sleep can feel so good but inevitably the coffee is the better choice.

Full disclosure, I saw this on tv a few days ago.  I cut the shapes and she glued them on and did most of the decorations.  I think you can tell what’s hers and what’s mine.  I’m partial to the sun myself as well as the train car with the smiling people.  The bell was her idea too.  Too funny.  She was really proud of her work.

Tomorrow: library in the morning then swimming lessons in the afternoon!  Busy day.

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