Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

I Love This Toy

I love these Magna-Tiles because they are one of very few toys that Chase will pick up and play with on her own for while.  They’re cool because they’re magnetic and stick to each other any way you stack them.  We just discovered that they even stick and stack on the fridge.   I can’t take credit though.  They we’re dad’s good pick and something she really liked to play with at school.  

Speaking of school, the great search begins.  We’re going to our first open house… hmm I think I missed the first one.  We’ll be going to our first open house soon at any rate.  We have three schools in mind.  I figure if I start now I’ll have enough time to procrastinate and then finally make a decision at the last second in time for her to start in the fall.

Meanwhile, we’ve been playing dinosaurs a lot which still involves a lot of dino potty using and mommy and baby play.  We’ve also been playing cars and trucks which mostly involves complaining that there are no parking spaces.  I have no idea where she picks these things up.  You park there, oh no, the spots are all taken now you have to wait!  That’s mostly how it goes.

I haven’t been doing much creative type stuff lately but I did finish a book which is huge.  The first one in forever.  I’m trying to stay on the reading train but I fear that the book I picked up next is not going to hold my attention.  Thoughts?

One more cute picture:

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