Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Random Bits of Friday

I thought TGIF more than once today.  But we did have some fun today and did have a couple of good laughs.  So I’ve been writing down these bits all day.  I also had the following thoughts which were neither funny nor that interesting but I have to get them off my chest.  Tiny balls of fresh mozzarella = grown up cheese stick.  Much, much tastier than part skim mozzarella.  I used to watch the Simpsons a lot.  I guess it’s not relevant anymore or John Stewart = grownup Simpsons?  Really though, thanks for listening.  That feels better!  

We spent some of the early part of the morning hovering over the baby and begging and pleading with her to smile for us.  I think it worked!  I asked Chase if she thought it was a smile and she said it definitely was.  If that wasn’t a smile she was definitely trying to tell us something with her expression.  What a lot of fun.  Except for the part where I’ve created a monster.

Later, when all our good humor ran out I got out the play doh out in desperation.  I say out of desperation because I needed something to keep Chase occupied while I tried to nurse and get Avery to  sleep.  I don’t particularly like telling Chase to wait and just a second and be patient all day.  So I turn on some music because I thought that would help.  I select my playlist and let her have at it.  At some point she asks me mom, what’s that song about?  Me: What song?  C: That one, he said you got the wrong potty?  Me: What?  (Going back and selecting the last song)  No, he says ‘you’ve got the love I need, babe’  C: No, he says you’ve got the wrong potty.  That’s not a song for kids mom.  Me: Uh, ok (skipping to next song).  What’s that about?  What did Al Green say?  I thought it was pretty PG.

After the play doh I decided we needed to get out.  When Ben got home and saw the state of affairs upstairs I explained that after playing up there and attempting the play doh I decided we had to just get out.  I told Chase to just drop what she was doing and find shoes she could slip on herself.  I bundled the babe and we braved the out of doors.  It was much better once we were outside.  Much.  We went to the park for a while and some of our friends came along.  Perfect.  Anything to kill a couple of hours in the afternoon.

The mess upstairs?  Me trying to assemble a simple piece of furniture from IKEA.  It really made me wish that the Crate & Barrel truck that pulled up out front this morning was delivering here instead of next door.  I mean I like my neighbors and all but all and I’m glad that they have a nice new couch but those blasted wooden pegs!  I had something backwards but who would know that from the stupid drawings.  Ben finished it when he got home.  Chase was so anxious to get her dinosaurs in there.  Are you done, daddy?  Are you done?  Next step is to get a pillow on there to make it a window bench.  I want to use some of the Liberty I found at Gus’s Woolens but I think it’s probably the wrong color.

Then, at the last second UPS delivered (that word is far too generous) this to my door.  Who wouldn’t love to get a package like this?  Especially when it contains items like this… and just in time for cocktail o’clock.  So Friday goes out on a high note.  ben got home on time and I scrounged up enough bits of food to pull together a reasonable supper.  Success.  And to top it all off, I started off the evening’s unwinding with en exciting brand new blog!!  Can’t wait to pinch those cheeks.

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