Monday, February 1st, 2010

Got Cheese?

I did it, I finally did it.  I took about 40 shots, but I’ll spare you.  So what’s going on around here?  We’ve been sick.  Every single one of us has had a cold and I had the privilege of having one twice.  I think we’re out of the woods though.  Finally.  Because three is bad enough without compounding it with being extra tired and feeling crappy.  

At some point last week I had Avery buckled into her car seat, crying and ready to go while Chase lay on the floor in her panties because she wouldn’t put on her boots and stockings.  I ended up having to wrestle them on her while she lay there in order to make it to my appointment on time.  Three is a special time.

We’re keeping busy, filling our time with enough preschool activities to keep us all smiling and happy during the day.  At night, I’ve been trying to relax.  I’ve watched more 30 Rock than I care to think about.  Tonight I’m watching Grey Gardens.  These ladies are completely batshit crazy.  It’s available to stream on Netflix.  It was recommended to me for a reason I can’t remember.  Something we were talking about.  Definitely worth a peek.

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