Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Soup + Sandwich

Usually means Panera but not today.  Today I tried something a little different.  Ok, now don’t judge me.  Instead of lunch at Panera we stopped somewhere a little bit different.  Somewhere that serves up their food fried  so deliciously golden brown that once you taste it you crave it fortnightly but will suffer mightily if you eat it that often.  Mmm… McDonalds.

I’ll tell you why.  It snowed last night but not enough to make playing outside worthwhile even though it was relatively nice out.  The mall has a pretty good play area but we always drive by a McDonalds that has a huge play structure that’s visible from the road.  So, today I pulled a quick u turn and decided to check it out.  It would have been awesome if there were lots of nice kids to play with but when does that ever happen?  So having the playground all to ourselves was the next best thing and it was huge!  It had a slide and bridge and the whole bit, pretty cool and a great option for days when play is limited to indoors activities.

Since we didn’t have soup and sandwiches for lunch I decided to do it for dinner.  I turned last night’s roast chicken into chicken salad sandwiches and made a batch of this lentil soup.  I like making something out of nothing.  Making soup is particularly satisfying.  I can’t think of another way to make water taste so good.  This recipe is pretty much made entirely from pantry items.  I can always dig a bag of lentils out of the cupboard.  It’s a simple recipe but very tasty.

Lately I’ve been having trouble getting Chase to do anything that’s not playing with me even when there are other kids around.  BUT I’ve found that inviting her to play in the kitchen while I make dinner works.  Plus you can’t discount that wholesome feeling.  Just balance it out by letting your kids play with Simpsons figurines.  Here, Lurlene sings for the children.

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