Monday, February 8th, 2010


I like encouraging Chase to play and use her imagination.  This morning she got out a paper punch and made tickets for riding the dinosaur train after which I found this little scene.  Looks like fun, no?  Between making the tickets and then setting up all of the people it kept her occupied for a nice chunk of time.  

But some of the scenes I’ve been finding set up around the house are cuter than others.  Like the shoe dolls.  Yeah, not so much.

So, I knew that the reason we held back some gifts at Christmas would reveal itself eventually.  I broke out the doll highchair today since she was having fun with her dolls and I still have one of those playmobil sets with 1000 pieces buried way at the back.  With another 2 feet of snow expected tomorrow I’ll probably be breaking that out sooner rather than later.  I’m growing weary of the dollhouse and lego people.  Though she did play some with her dolls today, helped me with pizza dough and beat me at dominoes again.

I was planning the pizza for tonight and sent Ben to the store for a few things.  He went on foot because a) the car was only partly dug out and b) we’re lucky enough to live close enough to the store to make that possible.  So we have enough milk to go for a few more days.  They still had some 2% but pretty much everything else was picked over.  Ben came back with fat free half and half and fat free cream cheese.  I’d have to be pretty desperate.  I hope it doesn’t come down to that.  Fat free half and half??  By 5 though he decided he’d better dig out the car and we went out for cheeseburgers for fear that I might be trapped in the house with the girls for an entire 7 days or more.  The roads in our neighborhood were surprisingly passable and we had an uneventful drive.

Be safe and stay warm tomorrow.  I’m still nursing something which I believe to be a sinus infection.  It’s a phantom cold that is back now for the third time always seeming to get better before returning with a vengeance.  That and it feels like something huge hit me right in the face.  Even my top teeth hurt.  It sucks.  But thanks to everyone who suggested remedies.  Saline spray + tylenol = feeling a little more human.

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