Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Still Here

And watching tv thank God. Which is to say we still have power. It flickered once earlier and I became so panicked that I actually felt my adrenaline surging. PBS is airing Faces of America tonight which I’ve been looking forward to watching for some time.  It’s interesting and makes me really bitter than no one pays me to chronicle my work and travels around the world for television.  

There’s so much snow.  So much.  The wind was gusting so strongly that you couldn’t even see across the street.  However, we did keep busy!   We worked a little more on our valentines.

We’re both really excited about how they’re turning out.  I just hope we have some people to give them to.  Hopefully we won’t all still be snow bound come this weekend.

My hope is to make more of the lollipop version but with more traditional looking lollies.  I made this one up with a stray dumdum we had around because I couldn’t sleep for thinking about how they might look.

Come on Valentine’s day!  I’d like to have a few friends over but it’s not looking so good.  Ben’s saying there’s snow forecasted at least twice more in upcoming days.  What ever will we do?  Hopefully it won’t be so bad that few people won’t be able to come on foot.  Of course, the question of what on earth I will feed them remains.  Hmm…

I leave you with a few more snow pictures.  I just want you to keep in mind that there are cars parked up and down both sides of the street.

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