Tuesday, February 16th, 2010


On Monday I was actually ready to commit.  After dropping Chase off in the morning I went straight to the camera store and you know what?  It was closed.  The stinking place was closed.  The sign on the door said they were moving as of March 22, which is oh, a month from now.

In any event, still no new flash.  Which left me no choice but to upgrade my homemade flash diffuser one last time.  You remember its many incarnations.  First the ‘european style’ kleenex followed by the index card and now in its final phase as a plastic oval cut from the side of a milk jug.  It seems to work.  I don’t know anymore.  The index card made my pictures too dark so this is a definite improvement but I don’t know that it will make me stop dreaming of a new flash.

Chase learned how to take a picture today.  Fantastic.  Now she’s the one standing behind the camera shouting out directions about where to stand and what to do.  I’m quite certain that she’s been waiting for this moment for a long  time.

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