Wednesday, February 17th, 2010


This whole sitting propped up thing is changing everything!  I don’t know how or when this happened.  Didn’t we just bring her home!?  I didn’t even really think to try to see if she could do it.  Ben’s the one, the kamikaze, who propped her up on the couch first.  I just had her lying down all over the place.  Poor girl because it turns out that she loves to sit up and look around.  

We went to the libaray today.  Took out a whole truckload of books, got home and the first thing Chase asked?  Can I watch tv?  She flat out refused to read any of them and when I pressed her she finally chose one from her own collection that we read just yesterday.  Sometimes I feel like we’re at either end of one of those finger traps where the harder you pull the more stuck you get.  A whole sackful of books.  Hopefully she’ll resist less as the week goes on.

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