Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Crazy Craft Day

We watched an hour of tv this morning and I hadn’t had one single additional request to watch by the time we left here today at 3:30!  I’m patting myself on the back here big time for keeping busy during a day spent at home.  

I even picked up a paint brush myself!  It’s a cardinal!  We’re still right in the middle of the big purge.  I’m moving at a snail’s pace so we’ll be right in the middle for some time.  I almost got through one whole box in the basement though… almost.   Sometimes I really can’t believe what turns up in these boxes.  This particular one happened to be filled with all kinds of paper.  All kinds of stuff including some fancy watercolor paper.  I decided to keep a set of pretty nice watercolors I picked up on clearance for Chase and we painted together at the kitchen table.  I swear, that girl is my biggest fan.  She wants me to hang the bird in her room.  How can I say no to that?

After painting Chase picked up her beading again.  She’s already made a couple of small bracelets for her friends.  She’s working on this one relatively slowly… it’s for a grown up.  I’m kind of amazed how quickly she went from primary lacing beads to these tiny little guys.  I’m no expert but I think the lacing material is thicker than it should be for the size of these beads.  I chose, I think, 1.5mm  cord so that she’s be able to manipulate it without too much frustration and so far so good.

After the beads there was play doh and after play doh I let her play with my camera for a little while.  Here’s what I found on my camera:

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