Saturday, February 27th, 2010

I Love Weekends!

How I love the ACC show!  This is the third year I’ve made the trek down there for it but the first time I’ve been for free and you know how I love free!  It felt so luxurious to wander around and actually have some time to look and think and sometimes talk, you know, all at the same time.  

There were so many fantastic vendors.  I still covet all of the awesome knit, crochet and felted scarves.  I don’t know how many years it will be before I convince myself to shell out 100 bucks or more for a scarf.  That’s the thing about ACC.  Some of the vendors are just so way out my league.

I couldn’t come back completely empty handed though!  I found these totally adorable tiny cups by Beth Meuller and brought one home for each of the kiddoes.  I think they’re just perfect for having a sip of a little something.  A little milk with your cookies or a little chamomile tea maybe?  When do babies start using cups again?  They’re not quite the size of mug that I was in the market for.  In fact, I should have picked up two with the french press design but I hesitated.  I hate that.

And so of course you know I couldn’t come away without an awesome new Sweet Pepita design.  I don’t know, this print just really grabbed me.  Avery can’t wait to wear it tomorrow.  I keep trying her pixie hat on her but her head still isn’t quite big enough to keep it from sliding down over her eyes.  Soon though, soon.  Go visit!  The show runs through tomorrow.  Go visit and stop by booth 319.

I love weekends!  ACC this morning then back home again for a quick play date and then dinner at Spaghetti Disco.  Poor Chase was really too tired to enjoy herself.  I can’t believe it and I wish it wasn’t so but I think she’s getting sick again.  I can’t stand it.  However, Ben spotted buds on a tree on our walk home from dinner.  Buds!   Spring, I think she’s coming!

The only crappy part is that those two shots up there are the only two pictures I took all day.  No wait, the crappy part is that Ping was at ACC!  In a little booth with a sign that said I survived Project Runway.  I should have taken a secret photo.  I would rather be accused of trying to get a shot of Ping in a frenzy of minor celebrity starstruck… (ness?) than of trying to get a shot of Michael Phelps but that’s another kind of embarrassing story for another day.   Happy Weekend!

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