Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Sunny, Quiet, Lovely Sunday

Chase ate a great big hearty supper so I’m cautiously optimistic that things will only get better.  Please let them only get better!

Well, another weekend comes to a close.  Even though I wish we had another day and I’m so not ready for it to be Monday tomorrow we ended on a pretty good note.

We thought about going out a couple of times.  I really, really wanted a cheeseburger but decided it was probably a better idea to have a quiet day at home.  And we did.  Chase took a rare afternoon nap to recharge her batteries a little and if you would believe it I got about a half hour in there where both girls were asleep.  Like, at the same time and during the day too!  I had a mug of tea and read a magazine under a blanket.  It was so nice, so nice.

At some point Avery woke up and once I had her all changed and fed I noticed the afternoon sun flooding the living room so I fooled around with my camera a little more.  Have I mentioned how nice Iphoto plays with flickr?  It’s great.  No thinking involved you can see all the pictures I took today as a nice neat set with today’s date.

Even though Chase wasn’t feeling so hot she kept the whining to a minimum.  We had hot chocolate and sat on the couch and read lots of books.  She especially likes the ones specially given to her by fiends and neighbors.  We’re reading a lot of Make Way for Ducklings and Frances.  Bread and Jam for Frances, Best Friends for Frances… she cleared the shelves, one book after another.  It’s so rare that a Sunday goes the way Sundays are supposed to.

Now to steel myself for the new week.  I’m not quite ready.

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