Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010


Lately, when I need to kill a little time at home I draw mazes for Chase.  I try to make each one a super stumper but she’s pretty darn good at mazes.  I wonder how long she’ll be into this.  It’s awesome because they really do eat up a lot of time and she likes them so much that she’s willing to wait patiently while I draw them one at a time.   One day she’ll figure out that you can buy them by the book full, no waiting needed.

Surprisingly, today wasn’t too bad and tonight wasn’t nearly as challenging as last night.  Chase is definitely fighting something.  No fever but she has her same old gross cough that will probably turn into wheezing and freak me out again that it’s going to morph into asthma and all of that before passing it on to the rest of us.  I have no doubt that it will get passed around because there’s no way to defend against having your head sneezed on.  And we’ve all had our head sneezed on at least once over the last couple of days.

Poor thing, she’s really suffering.  She keeps waking up as I write this and there’s just not a whole lot of comfort that I can provide for a sore throat.  I did Tylenol, I’ve got the humidifier fired up and I even rubbed on some Vicks even though I have no idea what effect it might have.  What else can you do for a sore throat other than lozenges?  Is there something I’m not thinking of?  Sometimes, when I have a sore throat I like to wear a scarf.  I don’t know that it makes a difference it’s more of a comfort thing.  I don’t see Chase wearing a scarf around the house.  Any other ideas?

Bedtime has certainly been interesting.  Thankfully, tonight was better than last night.  I don’t know what I’m missing, or maybe it will just be a few days of transition, but between the hours of 7 and 9 Avery won’t sleep unless being held and nurses constantly.  As soon as it hits 9 or 10 she crashes for the night.  That’s a lot of rocking and nursing and sitting in the dark.  I hate it when things change all of a sudden, I find it so difficult to anticipate one thing and for another thing to happen.   I know, that sounds crazy, that’s what this whole parent thing is all about. I just wasn’t ready to spend the whole entire evening by myself in the dark.  It was easier to do tonight because I knew what might be coming and because she fell asleep before 9.  That helped too.  I have absolutely no recollection of when all of this napping and bedtime business stabilizes but I can’t wait to get it all figured out.

Also, I’m sorry for the lamer than usual title.  Sometimes you just have to go with what comes to you.  At least I didn’t spell it A-Maze-Ing.

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