Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

You’ve Got A Little Something…

right there, and there, oh, and on the tip of your nose too.  How does that saying go?  Go big or go home?  So if you’re going to make marshmallows early in the morning for some reason that no one remembers, just do it.  Use this recipe and make all 24.

I’m not talking about 24 mini grocery store marshmallows.  I’m talking about 24 enormous gooey monsters.  A whole 9 x 13 pan’s worth.  However, they are delicious if you’re a marshmallow lover like me.

As I didn’t plan to make marshmallows we only sort of had most of the ingredients and tools.  I had to sub in about 1/4 of golden syrup for the corn syrup because I ran out.  Which makes me think you could probably make them entirely from Lyle’s Golden syrup and cut out all the weird corn syrup except they probably would have some color to them.  I didn’t have any parchment paper either but they came out of the glass pan fine with just oil.  I do think that a straight sided pan would have been nicer but I’m not sure that I could have pulled it off with a metal pan.

It was fun to make these but there’s not really any point to it unless 50 of your closest friends are coming for hot chocolate.  We still have 2/3 of a pan left after eating some and giving a bunch of them away.  Tomorrow we make rice krispie treats.  That’s the only way I can think to use them.  It’s hard to cut them small so pouring them into something a little more shallow might help make it easier to keep them on the smaller side.  But what would be shallower?  A sheet pan?  I’ll think about that if the time ever comes.

I already posted the link to the recipe.  It’s a little more specific than the one Chase wrote for me this morning.  Can you see marshmallows written there?  I totally can but I do have mom eyes.

On the home front, Chase is still coughing a little.  She seemed much improved today and by this afternoon she was bouncing off the walls.  I took her down into the basement to blow off some steam but she just wanted to go go go.  She kept asking me where we were going today and was not satisfied when I told her nowhere because she was still sick.  So I told her we could go on a short walk if it wasn’t raining.  So, we got bundled up and walked to the corner store.  It’s maybe about a block away.  It’s literally around the corner and maybe half a block on either side.  About 6 feet from the door she told me she was so tired that she couldn’t go on.  We went in but no rice krispies.  Then on the way back about 6 feet from the door she was again too tired to go on.  We went in and had a snack and within an hour she was trying not to fall asleep on the couch.  Poor kid.  Thanks for all the good advice.  We’re trying all kinds of stuff.  I have another pillow in there right now and all seems pretty quiet.

Avery did a complete 180 from last night.  She was very quiet after dinner and went right to sleep once I was done with Chase.  She woke up once more around 9 and has been quiet ever since.  Which means… I’m convinced something’s wrong and keep going to check on her.  What a wild ride.  You can’t ever just be content.

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