Thursday, March 4th, 2010

And The Doctor Said

It’s only been three months but Chase finally put on the doctor’s coat that I made her for Christmas.  All of a sudden yesterday she decided that playing dress up was fun.  It’s great because it’s something she’ll do for a while by herself.

Today was all about giving her babies check ups and that takes time.  Then they all have to have a picnic lunch, take naps, and use the potty.  The only thing I don’t like?  Seeing myself.  Mommy, look my baby is walking!  She’s walking cause she’s so big and I’m so tired.  Phew, I think I need to rest now.  Yeah, I could have lived without seeing that reenacted.  Or, maybe it was Ben.  Yes, definitely Ben.

So she really did need a rest.  At some point after lunch she went upstairs and didn’t come back.  I went up and found her sleeping.  When I pulled the covers up she told me she was so tired so I shut the door and let her sleep.  An hour passed and then two and it was time for swimming lessons.  I went up and woke her up again and asked her if she was going to go.  She was furious, said no, absolutely not and went back to sleep.  I went up again at the last possible minute that would get us to the pool on time and woke her up again, still no but only after she told me something crazy about her babies.  That took my panic up to code orange but it turned out she was just dreaming.  Three hours passed then four and I went up again because full on panic was setting in.  Four hours she napped today and then went to bed on time.  Craziness.  We’ll see what she says in the morning about going to gym.

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