Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Because I’m Calm Now

It’s the only reason that I can share these thoughts with you.  3o minutes ago I was seriously contemplating running away.  It was almost the perfect day.  Look at how peacefully it started.  This is getting read for a birthday party.  No screaming, no crying.  Sure, her hair’s not brushed but look how quietly she’s sitting there reading.  

I was just thinking about what to do about a spring jacket for Chase when I remembered this one.  I must have bought it three or four sizes too big because I’m pretty sure this is the third year we’ve had it in the house and it’s just now the right size.  I’m totally in love with it and she thought it was cool to have matching coats.  She even carried my purse.  I think she felt very grown up.

I think I’ll do an entire post tomorrow about the party.  I took some great pictures of the phenomenal job that my friend did decorating for this party.  You know one of those so simple so out of this world fantastic sort of jobs.  Amazing.

Then we went for lunch at Attman’s Deli.  I love corned beef, slaw and Russian dressing but I thought Edmart was the place to go.  I had no idea you could get a good sandwich right here in the city.  Apparently it’s a Baltimore institution.  I’m way behind on that kind of stuff.  It comes with a heavy dose of quirky Baltimore charm.  A heavy dose.  And I don’t know if it was the rain or what but, even though I didn’t see many, either the place gets a lot of tourists or we looked like a pack of em because it seemed like the guy found it hard to believe that we were local.  Maybe not locals but local all the same.

The day continued to be great in spite of the weather.  We came home and made popcorn and watched a movie.  Made dinner and cookies for dessert.  Here’s where it breaks down.  There was another suspicious silence.  Chase went upstairs to play in her room and when I went up to check on her 20 minutes later she was sound asleep in her bed.

As a result it took her an hour of getting in and out of bed and waking Avery every. single. time before she finally fell asleep.  Bedtime should not take 2 hours.  It just shouldn’t.  My blood pressure was through the roof but I’m ok now.  I had a coke and a smile.  The project I’ve been working on is almost finished.  I just have to figure out if I’m going to put in button holes or snap tape and I’ll be all done.  Hemmed and everything.  I did that, the dishes, and wrote this and now I don’t feel like the whole night was a wash.  That, and there’s a golden girl’s marathon on cable.  So much better now.

Oh, and check it out.  She was trying to get it in her mouth.  Success!

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