Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Book Party

So I mentioned that yesterday we went to a birthday party.  Chase had a great time with her friends.  What a fun party!  The party had a book theme which I just thought was so simple, clever and thoughtful.  She made that bunting, isn’t it fantastic?  It’s the kind of thing you only use once a year so putting the letters on there in Sharpie is a pretty good idea.

The table was covered in bright yellow paper and was covered with brightly colored buckets of colored pencils, markers and crayons.  The kids could doodle all over the table and they did.  They could color book plates printed in black and white on sticky label paper and a bookmark or two or three.

And these kids?  Eat cake?  Nah, they eat pavlova.  Big frothy heaps of meringue, whipped cream and strawberries.

Finally, the kids each took home a little box.  Some repurposed tins, some smartly repurposed containers, filled with goodies.  More book plates, stickers, a little candy, stuff like that.  Chase had a great time and she’s still talking about it (and the candy).  She does love a birthday party.

So Ben mentioned to me that I almost caused him to spit out his birch beer when I allegedly screamed out I love meat yesterday at lunch.  I say allegedly not because I don’t remember saying that, I did.  I say allegedly because I don’t believe that I screamed it.  Either way, his position is that it’s not a good idea to yell that out ever but I say where better than a New York style deli?  Quite frankly I can’t think of anyplace better.  I love meat!

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