Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Wow, thank you guys for all of your insight and support!  I’m definitely too close to the problem.  In any event, today was a better day and, thanks to you, I feel better equipped to deal with my feelings and hers.  We got some serious stroller action in today.  You can see her there in the corner.  I fell all liberated knowing that Chase can jump on and have a ride when she gets too tired to walk anymore.  She’s actually a pretty good walker but, inevitably, tires sooner rather than later if I’m pushing Avery in her stroller.  So it’s working out pretty well it made it over all but the biggest bumps in the sidewalk and I didn’t totally kill myself trying to steer it.  I think I like it.

Next?  The mall.  I’ve been dreaming about the mall for weeks.  I shouldn’t go but I will.  Just for a little while.  The next time it rains, that way it’s justified.  Hopefully, there won’t be any rain in the near future though. If I’m lucky, the only thing in my futre is this cake.  I’m going to make it this weekend but I’m going to substitute fresh mango for the cherry and it’s going to be delicious.  If you live on my street and you don’t want any then you’d better not answer the phone when I call because we can’t eat a whole cake in this house but I must make it so that I can have at least a slice or two or three.

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