Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

News Duds

So, I’m kind of over Target. I still shop there. Lord knows I’m in there way more than my fair share because where else can you buy dog food, an apple slicer and a bra? Actually, you could probably find those things a couple of places and that’s what I’m talking about. I think I got hooked because it’s so convenient but you can get all of the things they offer there at other places. It might just take a little more time.

Particularly, I’ve vowed a hundred times not to buy clothes there anymore. They don’t fit me well and the stuff in the Gerber packs doesn’t compare to other brands and I’m not even talking about anything fancy. They never fit quite right and they’re always a little too scratchy. For that matter, why is it that they only have what I want 6 months after I want it? You’ll note that you can now find both a french press and an electric kettle there. They never have what I want but they always have plenty of other junk.

This is all to say, that when I noticed last week that Chase’s jeans were high waters I decided not to do what I usually do. I drove the extra 10 minutes (maybe 15?) and hit the outlets at Arundel Mills. It’s not quite as fun with Ben as it is with Erin but I managed.

The weather’s getting warmer and we’re finally at the end of the road with hand me downs. I used to find great stuff at thrift and consignment stores but I find those sorts of places incompatible with my new smash and grab style of shopping. There’s just no time for the endless combing of racks. With these two little monsters the thrift store is a very rare treat. We did alright though. There are lots of good deals to be had there and I would say you’re looking at 7 dollars a shirt rather than 4 but you don’t have to buy it two sizes bigger than it should be to compensate for dryer shrinkage and apparently there’s something about that that’s very important to me. I just don’t want to bother with it anymore.

I think Chase should be completely outfitted for the summer. Now she just needs sandals. Avery doesn’t need anything but I got each of the girls one sort of special outfit. Special meaning not from the table marked last chance, 50% off! I’m looking forward to a little more sun so I can get Avery into hers and I love the khaki shorts for Chase.

I have do my doubts about whether Chase will ever wear anything other than the pink twirling around dress that she chose. Me, I’m totally into the navy stripes. Maybe I’ll have to find some little boatneck tops too. They both have some stripes. Avery’s leggings are so cute that I’m thinking about making her a few more pairs in the same style.

I’ll say that Arundel Mills isn’t fun. They have no play area; the place is purely shopping but Children’s place, Carter’s, OshKosh and Gap are all clustered together so you can really get in and get out.  Did I really just write all that about shopping?  Too bad I look like a crazy cat lady.  At some point yesterday I wondered how long my jeans had been that dirty.  Awesome.

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