Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Butter Up

DSC_0002It took me hours of pouring over paint chips to finally select this one but I’m really happy with it.  I should be up there sweeping right now but alas.  I steadied myself for getting a late start.  I sat in the living room waiting for one or both of the girls to wake up but no, they were both out at 7:30.

It’s funny, when it’s a tough night with Avery and I’m up there for a while I know when she’s out for the night but there’s no way to tell when she’s not going to wake up.  Does that make sense?  The point is that I get more done on nights where she doesn’t go straight to sleep for the night because I don’t sit around waiting for her to wake up.

DSC_0007My big plan is to clean up tomorrow.  Ben has the day off and hopefully we can get some stuff done.  I’m thinking a run to IKEA.  It’s not the first place I think of when I think of drapery hardware but I don’t have time to run all over town looking for finials.

Maybe I deserved the night off.  There’s nothing I hate more than painting these paneled doors and this room happens to have not 1 but 4!

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