Monday, April 5th, 2010

This Should Be An Easter Post

Easter was, after all, fantastic but first the end result of all my hard work.  I’m really happy with how it turned out.  Ben nearly almost totally ruined the floor but one whole night of hands and knees scrubbing has it looking more or less presentable.  I wish that Orange Glo business worked as well as the commercials would have you believe. There’s still work to be done.  I haven’t put the switch plates on and the rug I bought is way too small for the space.  No, not the tiny striped one.  The other in the bottom right hand corner.  The best part of the whole thing was hanging the IKEA curtains because I didn’t have to hem them.  That has never, ever happened before but I like it.  I did buy blackout shades that can be tacked into the back for when all of that light becomes an issue.

Moving around the room from left to right the changing table, the crib and a giant bureau on the opposite wall.  Ben even helped me put up the mobile that we bought in Creemore last summer.  It’s kind of awesome.  I don’t know that we ever got the mobile up in Chase’s room.  I wanted to make sure we did it this time though and before Avery got too big because it’s my impression that she likes to watch mobile like things more than Chase ever did.  I may or may not be remembering that accurately.  Either way she really likes it.  I mean really.  It makes her squeak and laugh and try out new sounds.

I wish the blanket wasn’t all wonky in the picture but you get the point.  I’m glad I memorialized the room as it is now with a photograph because who knows how long it will stay this neat or if I’ll ever be able to return it to its current state.

The best part?  We’re sleeping alone tonight!

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