Friday, April 9th, 2010


I hope the warm weather comes back because Chase is way ready to wear her new shoes.  She cried nearly all afternoon yesterday because her old shoes are dirty.  Never mind that she’s the one that wore them into the ground.  I’m thrilled that we had a day of cool weather so that running shoes were appropriate and we could get out to the store to pick these up without reliving yesterday’s wailing over having to wear the purple shoes.  

They have a selection of Saltwater sandals downtown at Sassanova.  They have some samples in the store but they’re not stocking them in many sizes so it required two trips.  One to choose and another to try them on which is not ideal but getting down to Harbor East is easy enough in the middle of the day.  So when will it be warm again?

I don’t think the meltdown was so much abou the shoes as… well if I knew I’d have fixed it.  There could be a little bit of residual baby jealousy there or it could be a growth spurt.  Lately she complains that her belly hurts and I can’t seem to feed her enough to satisfy her appetite lately.  In fact we took her to Akbar with us for lunch and she still ate crackers with peanut butter, half an orange and a cookie when we got home.  Where is she putting it?

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