Saturday, April 10th, 2010

A Yellow Submarine

I worked on this as a surprise for my good friend Erin who’s about halfway to the arrival of a baby boy!  It’s patterned off a simple baby romper.  I’m all about working with knit now that my friend Shannon has managed to mostly dispel me of my fear of it.  It doesn’t ravel what could be better than that?

I wanted to make a little something special with some Beatles flair so I figured out how to do a little reverse applique.  Knit is perfect for this because it won’t fray like other fabrics.  And the project is so small that you just need a little piece of something.  It can be anything, an old tee or a little old onesie.

I did put it on Avery to make sure it was sized properly and whatnot but it’s HARD to take pictures of clothes on a tiny baby.  It’s hard enough to get a shot of her smiling, getting a decent shot of her in this was next to impossible.  I did submit the design idea for publication in the upcoming publication of One Yard Wonders.  Fingers crossed.

I kept this under my hat for so long that I almost forgot to tell you about it.  It’s been shipped and received though so now we all just have to wait another 19 weeks and three months to see it in action.  An eternity!

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