Thursday, April 15th, 2010


Sooo, we had pizza for dinner.  And not the homemade kind.  The kind that comes in a greasy cardboard box.  I went into the kitchen this morning to get the crock pot down so I could put the ribs on and dropped the lid from on top of the fridge.  It shattered.  It shattered into thousands of tiny shards of glass.  It was such an unbelievable mess.  It doesn’t help that I feel crappy and that it took me a long time this morning to get Avery down for a nap.  I could have fashioned a lid out of something I suppose and I will probably do that tomorrow but in the moment I just couldn’t cope.  I had been grumbling all morning about my ill-fitting bra but didn’t think about it anymore after the glass explosion.  Shards of glass all over the kitchen trumps ill-fitting bras on the annoying scale.

The picture is dinner from last night.  The lemon chicken, roasted tomatoes and risotto cakes. It was by far the most successful meal of the weak.  The chicken was really yummy even though Ben proclaimed it tainted with thyme (which it wasn’t).  I guess it wasn’t seasoned to his liking.  How rude.  I thought it was delicious.  I can also see the appeal of cooking rice specifically to make risotto cakes, YUM!  Way better than the actual risotto.  The tomatoes had great flavor too.  I’ll make the tomatoes again particularly while they’re in season over the summer.  I’ll be making risotto cakes again too with the rice I still have in the cupboard.  I have chives out back too so I won’t bother making the actual risotto next time and I’ll follow the recipe she gives for the cakes.  I wish I had a crispy, hot risotto cake right now.

Everything feels like a disorganized disaster right now.  Rather, I should say, everything IS a disorganized mess right now.  Maybe getting back on track with dinner tomorrow will make me feel better.

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