Monday, April 19th, 2010


I just finished cutting out a new pair of comfy pants for myself.  I don’t typically sew for myself.  I lose interest too quickly in projects that aren’t finished in a day or two.  I have plenty of other sewing projects on my to do list but right now what’s important is getting back into the habit now that bedtime appears to be fairly established.  

JoAnn had one of their 99 cent pattern sales this weekend so I passed through there with a buddy and picked up a few things.  The pants are McCalls 5819.  I cut out the pants in view F.  I didn’t actually read the package so I didn’t buy the rib knit needed for the waistband but I found something in the stash that I think will work.  I picked up enough fabric to make two pairs.  One in that kind of plum color and the other in the blue.  I’m excited because they look pretty comfy and they’re super simple.  Only three pieces.  That’s right up my alley.

I also picked up that cute little zebra print and this little ocean print which is exciting because going through my reader tonight I came across this challenge to sew a piece of children’s clothing a night for a week.  I think I can do it but maybe I’m crazy.  I’ll start with the fishies.  I think it’s perfect for a little cover up for the pool.  Matching coverups… I have just a little over a yard.

I only buy patterns when they’re on sale.  They usually go on sale for 99 cents or $1.99.  It almost makes them disposable.  If i make one item from the pattern I feel like I got my money’s worth but I don’t necessarily like thinking that way.  So I’ve been tracing the ones I really like so that I don’t have to refold all the stupid tissue that never quite fits back into the sleeve.  I’ve been using sew-in interfacing but today I picked up something new to try at A Fabric Place.  Apparently they just started carrying it.  It’s just like the interfacing only a little more lightweight and it comes on a nice long roll so it’s easy to make your pieces fit.  I might just re-borrow some of those Burda magazines.  What I need is a copy of Burda for kids, that’s what I need!  I paid ten dollars for a five yard roll which is about twice what the interfacing costs on sale but it’s twice as wide at least.  So far so good.  You can check out the challenge here.

**I’m sitting here looking at the roll and it’s at least 4 times as wide as the interfacing I had.

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