Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Red Letter Day

For all of us.  Avery is big enough to use the exersaucer and I can tell that a) she finds it incredibly exciting and b) she feels like a big girl using her toes to spin herself around.  She particularly likes to press the buttons and she didn’t even need to wait for her big sister to show her how.

And that’s a good thing because Chase spent most of the time skipping around the entry way.  I guess that was a precursor to her talent show performance.

I finished my pants!  I can wholeheartedly endorse McCalls 5819 as fast and easy.  I test drove them a little and was really happy with how comfy they are.  I wish I had discovered this a little sooner because they would have made super maternity pants.  They have a nice wide super stretchy waistband.  I was so excited to have them finished that I made Ben take a picture of them that’s really pretty bad.  I’ll have to try again tomorrow when there’s some daylight but I’ll bost the bad one anyway for a little preview.  I know, you’re not dying for a preview but humor me.  I’m going to toss them in the wash and wear them to bed tomorrow.  I can’t wait.

Yeah, so they have really loosey goosey legs.  How do you take a decent looking picture of that?  Probably not at close range.  As you can see I don’t have the answer to that one.  Ben works from home tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll have him take a nice long lunch break to figure it out.

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