Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Treats For Everybody

We spent all morning visiting a preschool that we’re considering for next year.  Chase had a great time which, I suppose, is really what counts.  I was thoroughly exhausted, she wanted to stay and play.  After that we ran some errands

Prominently featured near the store entrance?  Pettiskirts.  Big billowing heaps of chiffon.  I’ve seen some tutorials for these online and I’ve also read enough posts about how all the gathering and chiffon makes you want to poke your own eyes out.  So I used the money from a return to buy this one for the very reasonable price of 15 bucks.  It’s the perfect talent show costume.  That’s what it says there on the sidewalk.  Talent show 5 pm.

I got a little treat for myself too.  I picked up Martha’s new Encyclopedia of Crafts because I have a serious weakness for craft books.  Long time magazine readers will definitely recognize some of the projects but just flipping through it I saw plenty of brand new ideas I’d like to try.

I was totally sold when I saw these little slippers.  Or how about one of these cute little dollies?  I like how they’re made from knits and soft but aren’t knitted (equals fast).  I think it would be a lot of fun to have a whole little family of them.

The book comes with all the patterns on a cd which is kind of genius.  I won’t have to spend any time tracing or cutting out from unwieldy  sheets of tissue paper.  Maybe I’ll even make something from this book one day.

Avery got a little treat too.  Her room is painted and she sleeps in it but it’s still missing all of the finishing touches.  That includes art for the walls.  All of the walls are completely bare.  Or they were, until yesterday.  I picked up these little birds at Target.  I even banged in the nails to hang it myself AND on the same day.  It’s one of a set of two but I liked this one.  Hopefully someone else will take it’s companion home.  I didn’t think the space needed both.  It’s cute, she really likes to look at it.  Now I just have one more giant blank wall to fill.  No, that’s two.  I don’t think the motion sensor for the back door counts as wall art.

Well, tomorrow’s Friday and the weather’s supposed to be good.  What’s on tap?

PS I never did thank you for all of your takeout pizza/ ill-fitting bra support.  You guys are the best!

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