Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Spring Cleaning

We’re the sloppiest, slobbiest people I know.  I cut myself some slack because when cleaning gets done it’s most often done by me.  Ben, on the other hand, just makes messes.  Starts projects but doesn’t finish them, you know, stuff like that.  In any event, today marks the big annual yard clean up.

There is still tons of work to be done but I do believe it could quite possibly, maybe, might get done before the end of the summer.  Chase even got a new sandbox out of the deal.  It still needs a lid (see paragraph above) but she seems to like it so far.  Her pants were filthy if that’s any indication and she did play pretty hard this afternoon.

It’s just so hard to get rid of stuff in the city.  I have my three items marked for bulk trash pickup on Monday but that’s limited to once a month and I’ve heard will soon be done away with altogether.  Beyond that we’ve got a bunch of yard waste that I have no idea what to do with.  I think the city might also collect that on some day but who knows what the protocol is for that.  I know we’re supposed to be conscious of the amount of trash that we create and Lord knows that the city’s will let you know if you’ve exceeded your allotted amount.  What I need right now is a dumpster.  A big ol’ large capacity dumpster.  Then I could really get down to spring cleaning.

But maybe I’ve done just enough to do some planting?  Those pots look like they could use some flowers.

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