Friday, April 30th, 2010

This Week’s Menu Roundup

Monday we had  Spaghetti with tuna, lemons and breadcrumbs.  This was a super quick and yummy dinner.  I mostly keep lemon and tuna on hand.  This is a ‘we have no excuse to order out’ dinner.  Sometimes I make up pasta dishes that are kind of like this.  Kind of but not nearly as tasty.  This is a recipe worth keeping around.  I never think about or take the time to toast breadcrumbs but they make an otherwise plain dish of pasta oh so delicious.  

Tuesday I did the pork chops with the rice pilaf.  It was a good dinner if not a little salty.  My first impression of the pilaf was to wonder if it was worth the extra effort.  It was good but not great.  However, it did make a tasty lunch the next day. I will probably try it again at least the technique if nothing else.  Wednesday we just did pizza.

Thursday we had quick beef and black bean chipotle chili.  I have definitely made this before.  It came rushing back to me as soon as I started cooking because it has a unique technique for getting to chili consistency really, really quickly.  I didn’t really follow the recipe.  I must have thrown out the chipotles in a freezer cleaning fit I had earlier this week.  I took the whole thing apart and they just weren’t there.  But it was good all the same.  So good that I forgot to take a picture until after I’d eaten half of it but I didn’t want to skip it.  I followed the basic recipe and just omitted the chipotle.  There was no cilantro at the market this week so I left that out too and topped it with cheese and guacamole.  Really good.  I had leftovers for lunch and will put the rest in the freezer for another time.

We had a little cookout tonight and I brought the barley and black eyed pea salad.  I suppose there’s not really anything special about a layered salad but I like the sweet tart dressing and I wouldn’t otherwise have added barley to the mix.  Plus it looks pretty in the bowl.  So that’s it.  Now to start on next week.  What have you been eating?

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