Sunday, May 9th, 2010

There’s Always Next Year

Well, happy Mothers Day.  I started to enjoy mine around 2, when I finally stopped barfing.  I mean honestly, what are the chances of that?  It’s a good thing that I got my gifts from Chase and Ben yesterday or I wouldn’t have been able to take a minute from praying to the porcelain god to receive them.  Can you tell I’m a little bit bitter?

What I really wanted to do today was crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head but between that and accompanying the crew to Ben’s sister’s, the latter was more appealing when it came down to logistics.  There were simply more hands there.  So I braved the car ride, and after losing my lunch one last time somewhere along the 319, felt a lot better when we got there.

They have brand new chicks and some that are a few weeks old.  Chase kept exclaiming how coot they are.  Then we ate some delicious chicken for dinner.  I thought maybe some of us would have reservations about that but the chicken tasted delightful.  Maybe if they were my chickens or I was the one cooking them?

In any event, I have to go finish medicating myself.  I like a good cocktail of carbs, caffeine and a good dose of fat when I’m feeling like this.  Tomorrow, I’ll fire up my gift!  It’s pretty awesome.  It’s a good thing we like scones and tacos.  Hehe.

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