Monday, May 10th, 2010

Recovering & Kid’s Clothes Week Day 1

I’m still feeling just a little under the weather.  Significantly better but not quite right.  I’m trying not to stress but the ever growing list of things to do has my stomach in knots even though I know that I don’t need the tension on top of this other nonsense that’s going on.  Meanwhile, I promise I’ll catch up with you and have answers to all the burning questions soon.  I even planned meals for the week that I have to tell you about.  Thanks for all the support!

PS Today is day 1 of Kid’s Clothes Week (check out the button in the sidebar… it’s not October Scrap Buster challenge time anymore!)  I have no plan.  I did put in my time tonight.  Easy was my only criteria.  I cut out a simple dress for Chase.  I’m thinking about focussing on fall rather than summer because I think these guys have everything they need for this season.  But who knows.  The weather has been so lousy only time will tell.

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