Friday, May 14th, 2010

When The Moon Is In The Seventh House

I tell her act normal and she gives me this.  I’m really so happy with how the dress turned out and I’m glad to have one completely finished project to show for the few hours of work that I put in over the course of the week.  Now I need to spend some time going through the Flikr pool to see what everyone else was up to.  The best news is that after initially telling me that she wasn’t ready to put it on, she asked me where her pretty dress was and put it on!  Then later she told Danielle that her mom made it for her!  I never get tired of hearing that.  Makes all the effort worth it.  

Of course, she regularly tells people that I make her ready to wear clothes too.  Aaaand she tells people that ask that she’s five.  So you have to take what the girl says with a grain of salt.  The other best news is that just as I was wondering what to work on next I got a package in the mail containing the May issue of Burda Style magazine.  I flipped right to the back and checked out the kid’ patterns.  Lots of cute stuff.  I’m having a tough time deciding what to work on first.  I’m thinking about this skirt.

A great big thanks to Carolyn!  I was so excited to see a package addressed to me.  Chase tried to bring it down to Ben and I was like wait!  It’s for me!  I looked at the return address on the hand-addressed envelope and for just a minute I thought that maybe an investment securities firm found me and was so impressed by my work that they were sending me an offer package.  In that minute I had already packed everyone and moved to NYC.  It wasn’t an offer package but the contents was pretty exciting all of the same.  In addition to the magazine was Carry Me, 20  Boutique Bags to Sew by Yuka Koshizen.  I thumbed through with Chase and saw some really nice looking bags that I’d like to try but I don’t know if I can handle it.  I’m seeing a lot of grommets and piping.  Cording?  I don’t know it scares me a little.

Strawberries must be in.  I bet we’ll see plenty at the market tomorrow.  We’re having a pretty good season here.  I’m thinking I can make the drive to Chestertown, who’s in?  It will be an adventure.  Chase can handle an hour and 45 in the car and Avery will sleep.  Can’t miss, right?  We need jam!

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