Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Day 6 :: Quick Pants

Maybe the reason I haven’t made anything for Avery yet is because I can barely resist waking Chase up in the middle of the night to try stuff on and the urge is even worse when the clothes are really cute and tiny.  I was feeling a little guilty about my one sided work so I decided it was time to do something about it.  I really wanted to make her  a sunhat but none of the fifty patterns that I have been collecting for exactly that purpose are quite right.  

Inspired by this post and these favorite leggings I decided to give it a go.  I think my biggest recent sewing accomplishment is *finally* understanding construction of basic garments.  It’s so liberating.  It took less than an hour from creating a pattern to finishing the elastic casing.  I cut them on the fold so that I only had to stitch the inseam and then the crotch.  A brilliant idea that my friend turned me onto.  I grabbed 3/4″ elastic because it was the first thing I picked up.  It’s a little too wide.  I should have used 1/2″.  I popped a couple of stitches as a result but they’re all fixed up now and good to go.  I love the cuffs and I’m thinking about putting some buttons on them like the originals.  Oh, and I hope they fit because I forgot to add an additional seam allowance.  That’s the real reason I’m having trouble waiting until morning for her to try them on.  I must know if they fit, like right now.

This weekend has been so busy already.  I’m glad we still have Sunday ahead of us.  I think I’m ready for the last day of this challenge and I bet you are too :)

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