Monday, May 24th, 2010

Around Here

Chase might say she’s five but she’s not.  She is still duly impressed by older kids and sucks up as much of what they do as she can.  Which is why she’s sitting here telling knock knock jokes to her sister.  Knock knock jokes that go something like this:

C: Knock knock!

Me: Who’s there?

C: Who’s there?

Me: No, that’s what I say.

C: Oh.

Me: Who’s there?

C: Man!  Mr. Man!

Followed by lots of laughing.  Avery only laughs if you also gesticulate wildly while you fire off your zingers.

Things are really starting to get exciting around here with all the sitting up that’s going on.  Chase likes having her as a companion now that she’s so alert and responsive.  I wonder if she’ll still enjoy her company when she can talk?  Right now, Chase is starting to get possessive about some of her most special toys but is good about finding a reasonable substitute for her sister to play with though we’ve had a couple of discussions about tiny chokeable toys.

It looked like it was going to rain today but it didn’t!  Yea good weather!  Our travels today took us to Trader Joe’s.  I’ve never had a Joe-Joe’s cookie.  Have you tried them?  The Trader Joe’s version of the Oreo?  Holy moley!  That’s a good cookie.  So while I sat in the parking lot shoveling them in I couldn’t help but smile at the Blink 182 song that came on the radio.  I let the cookies and the music take me to my happy place of long ago instead of focussing on the sneaking suspicion I have that “nineties at noon” is a euphemism for the new classic rock lunch hour.

Gotta go work on a party dress!

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