Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Home Again

Well we’re back and it’s, kind of, good to be home. Sometimes we just can’t wait to get back but this wasn’t one of those times. It was hard to leave. Chase was sad. She had such a great time playing that now I just seem really boring.

On the way home, I told Ben that I must blow things out of proportion with all of my parental abandonment type issues but Chase was still telling me that she was sad to be back the next day. Why does parenting have to be so hard?

We celebrated turning three with friends, went to the park, threw (many) rocks into the St. Lawrence and just generally had a good time. We brought back a few souvenirs including a whole case of Bernardin canning jars which are just like Ball brand but are way cooler because they’re different, a few souvenir tees, some cheese curds, and a giant case of freezies that will probably last well into next summer but are oh so good.  Oh, I almost forgot the coordinating dresses.  I don’t know for sure but it just seems like life is more fun with matchy dresses.

So we’re back and a little sad but the good news is we’ll see each other again sooner rather than later.

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