Friday, June 4th, 2010

Fresh Pyjamas

I put off writing until today because I have shingles!  Shingles.  Seriously.  Honestly, who gets shingles?  Had I written last night it would have sounded a lot like wah, wah,wah but after 36 hours you can cross one of those wah’s out.  (Photo courtesy of Chase and taken a few weeks ago ‘how I don’t feel right now’)

So what happened is that earlier in the week my back started to hurt.  I thought that I hurt it climbing into the backseat and squeezing myself into the too small space between the car seats and then contorting myself so that Avery could reach my boob while we were driving.  I only tried that once or twice but thought it was crazy enough that it just might have been what did me in.  But it wasn’t.  Shortly after my back started hurting my skin started to hurt.  I thought, oh, I must be getting sick.  Maybe it’s the flu.  But it wasn’t that either.

On the third or fourth day I broke out into a hideous rash and completely freaked out.  Luckily my gp is really responsive and saw me just a few hours after I called.  She listened to me tell the tale of my seemingly random symptoms and knew right away.  I felt such a mixture of dread and relief.  My wild imagination came up with all kinds of crazy things that could be wrong and I was glad I didn’t have any of them.  At the same time, I would have somehow preferred if the doctor had just rolled her eyes, with that look of ‘we gave you a same-day appointment for this?’,  and sent me packing.  What can you do.

Anyway, I’m medicated now and hopefully this madness will run its course sooner rather than later.  Chase had the vaccine but I’m just waiting for Avery to come down with it.  Cross your fingers that it’s mild.  Or better yet that it skips her all together.  I certainly don’t need any more guilt heaped on to my already rather full plate.  There’s nothing like a stress induced illness to slow you down and stress you out.  Is there something about that that’s kind of crazy?  All of a sudden I am also exceedingly conscious of how many times a day I am touched.  Also kind of crazy.

Last night I watched Julie & Julia again (available online if you haven’t seen it, thanks Netflix!) and will probably watch something else tonight.  Eventually, I’ll have to kick it into gear and get my project ready for submission.  I have a couple of weeks yet to put together the sample but the pattern and instructions have to be ready in a week.  Always stuff to do.  Wait, here comes the whining… you know what the super awesome part of being sick is?  The part where if you want to have dinner, put on fresh pyjamas and go to bed you have to make dinner, do laundry and then haul yourself upstairs to bed.  By awesome, of course, I mean completely bogus.

Well, I wanted to write a more thorough account of our trip but that’s not going to happen.  I left out all the important lessons that I learned about Avery and sleep and the old friend that I reconnected with but I need to wrap this up.  See?  Not too much whining.  And at the end of the day, I guess it’s really not that bad when you can go out and sit on the stoop in all your pyjama clad, unwashed, uncombed glory and still stop the guy on a bike with a gold grill.  He was awesome.  Made my day.

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