Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Moomie’s Buns

hesitate to tell you the story of these buns because I know how you’ll roll your eyes but I feel that I must.  I must because these buns are good and because these buns are easy.  

I think I’m getting better but I also think that this is the point where things get worse before they can get better.  It’s a good bit more painful than it was yesterday but I think that most of the blisters are in their final phase.  Is that gross in a post mostly about food?  Maybe, but it helps explain why I didn’t get dressed or leave the house today.  Ben and Chase came nosing around the kitchen wondering why I was making bread and I told them the truth.  I’m too lazy to go to the store to buy hamburger buns.

I know, Ben already told me that doesn’t make any sense but you have to understand my reasoning.  Almost anything is worth not having to disrupt my day by getting dressed and driving the three blocks to Safeway.  I might have decided differently if the recipe wasn’t so dead easy.  You see, burger buns are meant to be soft so there really isn’t any kneading because you don’t have to develop the gluten.  I used this recipe because it is of some acclaim on the internet.  People all over the cooking forum universe talk about these buns.

The thing about hamburgers is that I don’t make them that often.  Or, maybe I make them often enough I just don’t always know way ahead of time that it’s going to be a burger night.  I don’t ever work burgers into the menu plan but sometimes they end up as cookout fare.  It’s hard to buy buns for unplanned dinners, they just end up getting stale.  These buns take about 2.5 hours to make including two rising times so if I know by like 4:30 that we’re doing burgers for dinner we can always have fresh buns!  On most nights I’ve figured out dinner by 4:30… most.

It’s a good recipe for kids to help with too.  Chase really like shaping the buns.  I rolled the balls and she smooshed them, easy.  She also brused on the egg wash and sprinkled on the sesame seeds.  I’m seriously considering not buying buns anymore.  I definitely recommend trying these especially if you have a stand mixer or food processor but the dough is so wet they’d be easy enough to mix up by hand too.

Actually, it was a pretty good day in the kitchen.  I found a lime and a jalapeno in the fridge left over from something and made some salsa.  The hydroponic lettuce guy always sneaks some extra veg into my bag so I thought better to use it up than not.  Did you know that he wholesales to the White House??  That’s why you can’t tour his greenhouses.

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