Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Goings On

Do you even recognize this big girl?  I tell you it’s freaking me out.  I feel that I’m not doing the best job I could be.  There’s way too much tv watching around these parts.  It still kills me each time she asks me about ‘her’ school.  And the fall is a long way off. Maybe it’s just a perfect storm of my not feeling well, my inability to go to the pool and the end of most of our spring activities.  I think we all need a little more stimulation.  3 1/2, sigh.  I remember when I had to lift her on to that little horse.

A while back I got all choked up watching this video.  I can so clearly remember that day.  I also remember thinking that she was already such a big girl.  I was tearing up watching the video and thinking how could I have ever sent that tiny baby to school?  Then a few weeks passed and Chase would talk and I’d think, you still sound a little like that tiny two year old.  So now my poor, old confused brain is wondering if she’s regressing because I’m failing to encourage and stimulate her intellectual development or because she’s still kind of just a little gal.  And round and round it goes.  It’s no wonder that my head spins and my stomach is in knots.

What else is going on?  I’m just about over the shingles.  In another week’s time it should be totally gone, sooner if I’m lucky but I don’t want to get my hopes up.  Ben and I were talking last week and we came to the sad realization that at the tender age of 30 I’ve already had pneumonia, a brain tumor, and shingles and I have a full head of gray hair.  He counts two c-sections and an elective foot surgery but I don’t.  He wants to see my birth certificate.  I think he’s worried that I have some kind of Benjamin Button thing going on.

Our oven crapped out on us too.  I let it go a couple of days but Ben was worried that the whole thing would explode so I called someone to fix it.  It took him about 15 minutes.  I’m trying not to think about it.  Instead, I decided to welcome it back by baking a dozen and a half chocolate chip cookies which I fully intend on finishing this evening.  I’ll be eating cookies instead of finishing my book sample because I worked really hard on it last night and I just can’t do it again.

Oh, and I finally, and grudgingly, started Avery on solids.  She is so ready but i am not.  She loved her cereal.  Loved, loved it.  She wanted way more than I had ready for her.  Chase loved feeding her.  She felt so proud to help her sister.  Guess I should pull out the old book and figure out what to do next.

I’ve missed you guys.  What have you been up to?

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