Saturday, June 12th, 2010


DSC_0015Ben’s on some kick about camping.  He insists that we do it this summer.  He has his heart set on it.  We can’t get a cabin.  It has to be tents.  Tents in the woods because that’s the only way.  So, we set off up 95 to see what we could see.

We drove to Susquehanna State Park to check out the campground.  It looks ok but the best part of our adventure was stumbling upon the Rock Run historic area.  I’m a sucker for historic sites and I think I’m doing a good job of getting Chase interested too.  The park rangers at the mill were so happy to see us they gave us a nice little guided tour and by the time we got to the mansion Chase was happy to wait 10 minutes for the tour to start.  That’s an eternity for her but she really wanted to go upstairs.

She was really interested in the house and the old stuff they had inside.  She really liked climbing the narrow servants’ stairs that were hidden behind a tiny door.  I took that blurry picture of her arm while she was running her hand over the carved detail in a chair.  It really helped that you were allowed to touch and even sit on the furniture.  I love that she looks totally at ease in the ladies’ parlor.

The house was full of gorgeous textiles.  I wanted to rip the quilt right off the bed and stuff it into my giant bag.  That’s why I carry the giant sack anyway.  It’s not for diapers it’s for stealing vintage textiles.

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