Tuesday, June 15th, 2010


Right before I turned the thread snips on myself and poked my own eyes out I managed to finish it up.  I’m ready to pack it up and send it off tomorrow.  Phew.  That was… fun.   It was fun, but such hard work.  

You see, here’s what happened.  I was asked to use this fabric to make the sample.  It’s really cute.  So, no problem right?  Hahahahah.   I managed but it’s totally different than what I was working with originally.  It only stretches in one direction, is more than 10″ narrower and has a directional print (means it must be oriented in a specific direction to make sense).  I managed.  Then I thought it would be smart to try it on Avery to, you know, make sure it didn’t fall apart when touched.  What I learned was that the way I had to cut the binding meant that there wasn’t enough stretch to get the thing over her head.  I tugged and pulled but it wasn’t happening.  So I had to modify the pattern so that she could get it on.  I decided to open it up at the shoulder with some snaps and I think it works and looks ok.

I was so happy.  I spent the rest of the morning trying not to yell and sewing on thousands of infernal snaps because I’m still too scared to use the snap pliers.  All I had left to do was to snip off all the loose threads but i decided to cut a big hole in the applique so I could have some fun with that instead.  I just… I still can’t explain how it happened.  I screamed, I panicked, I didn’t have time to think about it before rushing out to get Chase to swimming lessons on time.  By on time I mean only five minutes late because the house alarm went off three times before I was able to actually get on the road.  I also forgot my checkbook so I couldn’t actually pay but luckily they took her anyway.  I’m surprised I remembered to drop her off WITH her bathing suit.

I ran up the road to buy more snaps and to look for a solution.  I found the snaps but nothing that would fix the giant gaping hole.  I decided to try to cover it up by embroidering some apples with French knots.  So now I’m sitting by the kiddie pool with Avery and phone watching video tutorials on youtube about how to make French Knots.  It looks so easy… why is it so hard?  So, I fixed it but it looked a little crazy.

In the end, I redid the applique by restitching around the perimeter of the original and cutting the old one away.  I didn’t want to get those sharp scissors in there so close again but what choice did I have?  I also ironed on a patch of lightweight interfacing because I just wanted to make sure it was in there… and I only almost burned it with the iron once.  Don’t worry, it’s folded and away now.  I won’t be ‘working’ on it any more.  It’s a good thing I don’t have to work with and heavy machinery around here.  See you in hell baby romper!

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