Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

It’s Wednesday, we’re halfway there.  Meanwhile, the summer continues to fly by in spite of its JUST having started.  We haven’t quite found our rhythm yet.  Either I remember towels but forget our bathing suits or I remember bathing suits but forget our lunch.  I have yet to get it quite right.  

I’m finding it particularly difficult to get into the rhythm of summer.  Probably because this summer has such a crazy hard driving backbeat.  Getting everyone up and out in time for gym or mini camp is hard but the hardest part is figuring out naps.  When I’m stressed and things don’t seem to be falling into place the pace of our days just feels way too fast (and slow at the same time and in all the wrong parts).  Other days, like today, it feels just right.  I’m ready for things to even out a little.  If tomorrow goes as well as today we’ll be in good shape.

I didn’t spend a lot of time at the pool as a kid.  It seems crazy to type that considering that we had an inground pool but I didn’t.  I’m not a good swimmer.  Eight is way too late to start swimming lessons in my opinion.  So it warms my heart, after the fact or course, to have to drag Chase out of the pool kicking and screaming.  It’s great to see her comfortable in the water.  I brought her home around 2.  I figured five hours of swimming would set her up nicely for a good night’s sleep.  And it did.

Swimming is hard work.  We came home for lunch on Tuesday and after eating the two scrambled eggs I made for her she asked me for another, you know, over easy.  Three eggs.  The girl with no appetite ate three eggs for lunch.  Apparently swimming will do that to you.

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