Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

About Today

I cannot believe that it’s 9 already.  Totally ridiculous.  I’m torn over Top Chef’s new time.  I used to think it was on too late but now that it’s on earlier it kind of makes the night feel like it’s over too soon.  I’m just glad that I have some guacamole to eat while I watch so I don’t have to sit here salivating.  

I’m complaining about stuff that doesn’t really matter because I’m tired.  I’ve been dragging all day.  No amount of caffeine keeps me buoyed for very long.  It’s been a coffee, iced tea, pepsi, more coffee kind of a day.  Chase woke up tired so it was early to bed for her but not so much for Avery.  Lots of crying.  But everyone’s in bed now and tomorrow is a new day.  I’m still optimistic.

Right up until bedtime we had a pretty good day.  Chase is getting so comfortable in the water.  She’s putting pretty much her whole head in the water.  It’s a big deal for her and I’m pretty impressed.  She’s been on this I want to be small again kick so I was glad to hear her say that jumping off the diving board is amazing and that she wants to grow up and do that too.

I decided to upgrade our beach blanket a little. I put the kind-of-looks-like-a-picnic-blanket-but-is-a-winter-throw back in the cupboard and gussied up a thrift store sheet a little by putting a backing on it. I had about two yards of the gray and yellow fabric in the basement. I just sewed them right sides together, flipped and top stitched. I bought the fabric at Joann thinking I would make a jumper for Chase but since it has been sitting in the basement for about a year I decided that using it was better than not using it. It matches awfully well. Maybe this was the fabric’s destiny! It’s not done but I’m pretending that it is. It works and I like it.

I also finally found those cute shoes that Avery’s wearing up there. They were a shower gift when I was pregnant with Chase but she fit into them for like two days. Her feet were always kind of too wide. I put the rest of the pictures up on Flickr. I’m totally digging the “new” Flickr. SO much better than it was before.

Time for judge’s table! Tomorrow I’ll tell you how I scored a sample of the new Via instant Iced Coffee and how it went. Oh, and of course, once I got a little taste of cute baby shoes… well…

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