Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Iron-On Dottie Patches!

So when Shannon asked me to test drive her new patches for her I played it cool.  Sure, I said but what I was thinking was… O.M.G. YES! Of course I will!  Let me at ’em!  Well, maybe I did say that but it’s only because honestly, who in their right mind would turn down an opportunity to have just a little more Sweet Pepita in their lives?  Honestly.  

It took me a while to figure out how to use these iron on patches.  I’m used to seeing these dots on sweet dresses for little girls (and hip skirts for grown ups) so that’s naturally the first place my mind went.  You really have to think outside the box a little.  I was going to take Shannon’s idea and use them on some throw pillows but then it hit me and it’s pretty clever if I do say so myself.  The stupid breathable bumper!

We picked it when we were getting ready for Chase.  I guess you’re not supposed to use traditional bumpers but this version provides a little padding without the risk of suffocation.  It’s a good thing we have it too.  I was just up there and little miss decided she’d rather sleep crosswise than lengthwise.

To make the plain white bumper work I kept everything crib-related white.  This is a great compromise!  We still have the breathable bumper but now it’s customized and way cheerier.  I know lots of you have it too so get to it.  All you need is an iron!  The hardest part of the project is choosing the patches.  I swear.  Imagine what you could do with two packs!  **You have to iron this fabric from the front even though you’ll be tempted to iron from the back because of the thickness.

You can see the dots in peek-a-boo action here.

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