Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

I Dye

…you dye, we all dye for tie dye?  Too corny?  Sorry.  So this was our experiment today.  I flat out stole the idea for this project from my neighbor BUT desperate times call for desperate measures.  

What’s the desperate situation?  I’ve declared it too hot for the pool.  Too hot for Avery anyway.  Ben took Chase tonight for swimming and dinner and they seem no worse for the where but I can’t hack it.  Instead we ran from our air conditioned home, to our air conditioned car, over to an air conditioned store for supplies and back again.  That was enough.

This is probably supposed to be an outdoor kind of activity but the second desperate situation is the need for birthday gifts for 6 and 8 year old girls this weekend.  I’m discovering that it’s not easy to shop for that age.  So we mixed up giant vats of dye and went for it.  I did about five minutes of research on it last night for pattern ideas and more or less followed the package directions.

Here’s what I learned.  If you’re using the powdered dye, open and pour the package contents directly into your container as it’s filling with water and hold the package low into the container while you’re doing it.  Otherwise it will send a giant cloud of powdered chemicals into the air.  Also, you can wear gloves but don’t skimp otherwise you’d might as well just go gloveless.  My gloves leaked but my hands didn’t stain so it’s not the end of the world, I guess, if you don’t use gloves.

I would have taken some pictures of the process except we did it in our underwear.  I mean it’s hot out, right?  Plus I didn’t feel like looking for work clothes for both of us.  Chase helped me dump the shirts into the pots and then to pull them out again.  She also helped me to remove the rubber bands when they were all done.  There were no casualties that I know of.  It was fun.  Chase was really excited to see how her shirt turned out and wore it to bed tonight.

If the heat keeps up we might just be doing it again.  In addition to these supplies we also bought a giant pack of glitter pipe cleaners (doll crowns, per request), a BIG bottle of glue, new stamps, paper bags and a device called a glue pad presumably used for stamping in glue so that you can cover the stamp in glitter.  Oh, and 2 yards of Dora fabric… sigh.  Guess which Chase is most excited about.  I should’ve just bought the stinkin Dora pj’s already made up.

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