Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

They Strike Again

Trolls, trolls every day.  I promised Chase yesterday that we could make cupcakes today.  We turned them into get well cupcakes with troll cupcake toppers.  This troll thing has been going on for an unbelievably long time.  

We made the nectarine cupcakes from this month’s MS Living.  They’re topped with a whipped cream with a little sour cream and sugar.  I don’t know, they’re ok.  Not earth shattering but tasty all the same.  Now, I’m thinking about the margarita infused watermelon pops.

I’m getting deep into season two of Mad Men.  Why did I resist this for so long?  I’m totally sucked in.  It’s the reason that I’ve fallen completely off the ice cream dress bandwagon.  It’s cut out but my sewing machine is in the other room facing the wall.  I’ll get to work on it eventually but there’s no way I’m going to be able to stick to the schedule.  I felt bad about it for a minute.  Just one.

Glue, makers, scissors, cake, the pool, water balloons and still so much time to fill.  I can’t understand it.  Thankfully tomorrow is Friday.  Friday!

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