Sunday, July 25th, 2010

Junior Explorers?

Magnifying glasses?  Sometimes it’s better just not to ask.  Mostly because asking questions like that always turns their attention from whatever they’re busy doing back to me but also because… well, what on earth?  

In other news, Chase has been feeling under the weather.  She seems to be on the mend but we are still enjoying a fair bit of whining and lying about.  We did venture out to IKEA today.  We were happy to find out that kids are eating free again for the next couple of weeks!

I got a slow start today but finished strong.  I painted, heaved, moved stuff around and what used to me the movie room is now a passable movie room/play room combo.  I have to assemble all of the shelves that we brought home from IKEA but I decided that it would be better to stop at 10pm than to start with the drill gun.  This house is going to be TROFAST city.  I wanted to get new carpet too but it’s not in the budget so I picked up this as a compromise.

Now I just have to stop ignoring my “desk.”

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