Tuesday, July 27th, 2010


It’s only a mildly disturbing picture of an infant holding a tiny wine glass (they’re on clearance at IKEA for $1.99).  She said it had good terroir.  Not really.  She mostly just screamed into the cup to hear her voice amplified.  

So we girls went out tonight.  I really wanted to win an hour session with John Waire but, my luck being what it is, had to settle for a couple of hours with friends (including Chase’s doppelganger… did I ever tell you about that?)

It was nice to get around relatively quietly today.  Chase is feeling better, the whining has more or less stopped.

Have you ever seen such a sad looking little girl?  Poor thing, I felt so bad for her that I clued her into the tiny tv that sits way up on top of my dresser.  It’s funny how she immediately felt just a little better.  Ate her grilled cheese all up.

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